Amanda B Transformation Story

Amanda B Transformation Story

I have never been heavily overweight, but I did struggle for many years with a few extra kilos, but more than that I was unsatisfied with the lack of progress I was seeing in my body shape, even though I exercised regularly and ate a balanced diet.
Although my weight had not altered much by the end of the 90 day transformation program, my body measurements had changed dramatically to my great satisfaction. I’d lost 29.5cm from my total body measurements with 8.5cm off my waist alone. I had not been able to achieve this using any other exercise method nor diet. I could see more definition across my whole body and when the compliments started coming, I knew others could see the dramatic changes as well.

More than a year later I have retained my weight and also my measurements. I’ve tried to remain on a well balanced eating plan and continued my usual exercise routine and by taking my nutritional supplements recommended to me by My Lifestyle Choices, I’ve had the energy and motivation to continue to look and feel great.

I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to undertake this program and to have benefited now and well into the future from its success.

Thank You!

Amanda B. Queensland

Results: Lost 29cm and 3kg

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