10 Fun Ways to Burn 200 Calories EASILY

10 Fun Ways to Burn 200 Calories EASILY

Most of us want to lead an active fun lifestyle, burn those calories, and stay in shape. Right? But when the term ‘staying in shape’ is bantered around, connotations of gym visits, jogging miles, lifting weights…. pops up, and there goes our momentum for staying in shape. Some of us love going to gyms, many of us don’t!

Well, I just found a list of 10 fun – yes FUN!! Activities that burn about 200* calories each, without requiring you to hit the weights or step foot in a gym! Now that to me is my type of staying in shape. (*Calories burned vary by individual body type. Calories based on study done by Mayo Clinic. www.mayoclinic.com )
1. Lace up those shoes.
Get a breath of fresh air by hiking. Trekking your favourite trail for 28 minutes will help you get physically fit while allowing you to enjoy nature. Take a friend or family member, and enjoy the hike with someone else. There are some beautiful national parks around, or small mountain climbs – find one that you would enjoy, and go for it.

2. Let the courts do the talking.
Playing basketball for a mere 21 minutes will get you through 200 calories in no time. Get a group together or swing by your local community basketball court for a pickup game. This doesn’t mean you have to be good at it, it just means you are enjoying a game with friends. If not basketball, netball, or even squash.

3. Strike it out. Need a slower pace? Try bowling.
Don’t worry about your strikes or spares–after 55 minutes, the only score you’ll be concerned with is 200 (calories). Bowling is a lot of fun, and again, this type of activity is something family and friends will also enjoy.

4. Just dance.
Get a playlist of your 12 favourite songs and boogie. Dance for 55 minutes to music from your favourite decade. We won’t judge your song selection. You don’t have to do this every day, just when you feel like it. It’s a fun activity, not a chore!

5. Play the field.
It doesn’t matter what position you play, just get out there. 55 minutes of touch or flag football will get your heart pumping. Add a touchdown dance and you’ll be set. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a serious game, just a fun activity. How many times have you seen a group of people playing touch or soccer etc on the beach! Give it a go!

6. Go green.
Golf a couple of holes in 39 minutes, while carrying your clubs, and you could burn 200 calories. Golf cart not required!

7. Get some wheels. It’s not just a sport for 1990. Rollerblading or inline skating for 22 minutes will get you places. You can roller-blade around your neighbourhood, at a park or around the town. Just don’t forget your protective gear. A helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards are a must. If you have never tried it, try it now …. you are never too old or too young to roller blade or skate.

8. Take a lap.
Whether you are swimming breaststroke, freestyle, or dog paddle, you’re working muscles throughout your whole body. Whatever your swim style, go for 29 minutes and you’ll burn at least 200 calories.

9. Love, 15, 30, 40, Game.
Practice that backhand and invite a friend for a tennis game. 21 minutes is all you’ll need. Looking to play a game of doubles? Just double the amount of time.

10. One foot in front of the other.
When it comes to being active, sometimes it’s about baby steps. Conquer today by walking. At a casual stroll of 2 miles/3.2 klms per hour, 60 minutes is all you’ll need. Here’s a tip, find a landmark that is one mile from your home. Walk there and back in 60 minutes. Now you can concentrate on other things like the beautiful scenery. The beach is a great place to put one foot in front of the other!

Helpful Tips – Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.
• Remember, choose activities you enjoy. You will be far more likely to stay interested, and remember, anything that gets you moving counts.
• Vary the routine. Rotate among those activities listed – don’t do the same activity day in day out. By rotating between activities you will be conditioning different muscle groups.
• Join forces. Try to exercise with friends or family, neighbours or co-workers. The camaraderie and encouragement offered by others makes it even more enjoyable.
• Explore new options. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills while getting workout! Check out exercise classes or sport leagues at a recreation centre or club. Great way to widen your network of contacts and form new friendships.

There may be some people who are self-conscious about how they look while exercising. They are not alone! But remind yourself what a great favour you are doing for your cardiovascular health, or focus on how much stronger you feel after a workout. Within a few weeks, you will feel the difference. As you become fitter and more comfortable exercising your self-confidence is likely to improve as well.

Getting active doesn’t mean a dress parade. It means dressing for comfort. Comfortable walking shoes, t-shirts, singlet tops, stretch or loose fitting shorts, track suit pants, whatever you feel comfortable in. This is your show – no one else’s.

Finally, remember, it isn’t a prerequisite to physical activity that you need to be a natural athlete. You are doing this for no one else but yourself. Simply focus on the positive changes you are making to your body and mind, and have fun while you do it!

If you have some other great fun activities to add to this list that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

So get out there!  Have some fun … getting in shape and staying in shape doesn’t have to be hard work. My favourite fun activities are Nos. 1, 4, 8 (I am a dog paddler from way back!), and 10.

Combine these activities with our weight management program, and watch your body transform in 90 days – guaranteed.

There is no better time than today!  Contact me via the Connect page and let’s get started.
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